Launching Ceremony Held for National Key Research Project "Establishing Metabolism Database of Small Mice"

On September 16th, a launching ceremony was held for the national key research project "Establishing Metabolism Database of Small Mice", a project that will be conducted by researchers at Soochow University.


Several governmental and university leaders including Yu Xiaoxiao, Li Hanzhong, and Vice President Chen Weichang attended the ceremony. Researchers including Yang Xiao, Professor Gao Shaorong and Professor Xu Yin hosted the ceremony together.


Several people addressed the ceremony. Vice President Chen delivered a speech to show gratitude to the audience and attendants and also introduced the status quo of Soochow University. Professor Xu Guangyin talked about the development of College of Medicine while Yu    Xiaoxiao introduced how such key projects could be meaningful to the national development.Then the researchers discussed with the experts and attendants about their plan for the project.