Symphony Concert "My motherland" Held at Enling Art Center of Soochow University

On the occasion of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the party’s in-depth educational activitiesthe Conservatory of Music in Soochow University launched a series of celebrative events named "Me and My Country". On the evening of October 15, A symphony concert titled " My Motherland" was held at the Enling Art Center.


Several governmental and institutional leaders, together with many teachers and students from Soochow University attended the concert.


The concert began with the classic music "Red Flag", which was followed by famous songs like "Defending the Yellow River", "Jasmine", and "Carmen Overture" . Dong Yiyuan, a vocal teacher at the School of Music at Soochow University, and He Chao, a young baritone singer at the Shanghai Opera House, performed to the audience the solo "Me and My country" and "My Motherland Mother", which won warm applause from the audience. The concert ended in a chorus of "The Singing of the Motherland". 


This concert was mainly performedby the SoochowUniversity Symphony Orchestra and the Soochow University Chorus, and the concert conductor is XuZhong, a famous pianist and conductor who is well-known both in China and abroad. Besides, altogether 10 professional teachers including the music school violin teacher Song Yuyu participated in the performance.


The series of music seasons created by the School of Music has gradually become an important brand activity in the school's aesthetic education practice. It is not only an important practice for the practical training of college talents, but also an important practical platform for the school's aesthetic education.