Professor Sheng Jinyun, the Most Beautiful "Doctor Granny"

On November 24, the program of "Face to Face" of CCTV interviewed Professor Sheng Jinyun,a well-known expert in the field of children's breathing in China in the Children's Hospital of Soochow University.


Professor Sheng Jinyun, aged 85, is still working in the clinic, andreputed as "the most beautiful “Doctor Granny”.


Not long ago, at the 24th National Congress of Pediatrics of the Chinese Medical Association, Dr. Sheng was awarded the title of "The Seventh Chinese Pediatric Achievement Physician". As the highest award for pediatricians established by the Chinese Medical Association, only 12 people won this award nationwide this year.


Professor Sheng Jinyun (first from the left) in the clinic


"Nor for a good prime minister , then for a good doctor"

Sheng Jinyun’s home used to be near a branch (clinic) of Boxi Hospital. She often saw doctors and nurses give patients injections and treatments in her childhood. "My parents said to me when I was a young girl: Nor for a good prime minister, then for a good doctor. Wherever there is human being, there is need for a doctor and can make a living." The seed of becoming a doctor was planted in Sheng’s heart long time ago.


Sheng Jinyun took the college entrance examination in 1954. At that time, not many people could go to high school due tothe low admission rate of 1/60. After taking the 7 subjects in the examination, Sheng Jinyun was admitted to Shanghai First Medical College with a score of 680.


Professor Sheng Jinyun conducting medical examination for children


"Being a doctor requires the spirit of self-sacrifice"

In 1979, Sheng Jinyun returned to work in Suzhou, and she chose the Children's Hospital of Soochow University. She said that being a pediatrician is stressful, hard, and sometimes with misunderstandings. In 1993, the World Health Organization launched the GINA program for the treatment of childhood asthma, which was officially promoted in 1995. At that time, the public was not aware of asthma, the treatment of asthma was very irregular, and the mortality of children with asthma remained high. Being a respiratory pediatrician for many years, Sheng knew that this program would have a "milestone" significance for children's asthma treatment. In the next two decades, Sheng Jinyun kept running a standardized treatment for children's asthma. In addition to clinical work, she also has to train doctors and do popularization of medicine for parents. She and Chen Yuzhi, the reputation of the two shows their leading contribution to children's asthma.



Professor Sheng Jinyun offering voluntary consultation at the Children's Asthma Event


One of the biggest concerns for Doctor Sheng is that many Chinese parents and even doctors do not have enough up-to-date understanding of the medical treatment for children. Sheng would burst into anger when she found parents giving anti-biotics to kids recklessly. “However, after a second thought, I realize it’s my problem as well. We have not publicized professional medical knowledge sufficiently” Sheng acknowledged in the interview. Therefore, during her spare time, she has contributed to the advertising and publication of medical tips to the community as much as possible.


Sheng Jinyun estimates that she treats 400 children every month, about 3,000 new patients a year, and has treated about 30,000 asthma patients so far. Regarding the newly acquired "Pediatric Lifetime Achievement Physician", she admitted that she was very grateful, but also lamented that she was too old enough. "It is gratifying that the team of the respiratory department is excellent now, and the hospital has a large number of talents who can all take the burden."


Professor Sheng Jinyun giving a lecture on asthma and obesity of children


Sheng was once invited to be the director of a private hospital and given a monthly salary of 500,000 yuan, with a house, a car and a personal servant. She flatly refused since she felt that the doctor's responsibility was to serve the public.


"You have to keep the willingness to self-sacrifice if you would be a doctor", somewhat a moto held by Sheng Jinyun. Through decades, Sheng Jinyun has lived by her ethics and professionalism and has made her a great doctor.