Experimental Linguistics research on non-lingua franca—A case study of Japanese lexical processing

Academic Lecture of Foreign Language School

Time: 19:00-20:30, Oct. 28, 2021 (Thursday)
Venue: Tecent Meeting ID 131 294 680
Topic: Experimental Linguistics research on non-lingua franca—A case study of Japanese lexical processing
Lecturer: Zhang Peng (Associate Professor, East China University of Science and Technology)

Lecture Content:

Linguistic research has witnessed a shift from empiricism to positivism in recent years. This lecture mainly focuses on three aspects: First, the main theories and paradigms of experimental linguistics on vocabulary-related research, as well as its advantages over empirical linguistic studies; Second, a review of recent experimental studies on non-lingua franca in China, especially Japanese as a second language processing; Third, the value of experimental studies of non-lingual franca compared with those focusing on English language.

Profile of Professor Zhang Peng:

Dr. Zhang Peng is an associate professor at East China University of Science and Technology, and Psycholinguistics is his research focus. He is accredited as a supervisor of MA students of Foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, Japanese language and literature, Master of translation and interpreting. He is a member of the Second Language Processing Committee, the International Cognitive Linguistics Association, and the Second Language Acquisition Society of Japan. In addition, he is an anonymous reviewer of several prestigious journals for foreign language studies indexed by CSSCI, and a member of program committee in International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval, as well as scientific committee in Speech Prosody. At present, he has published one academic book and more than 10 research articles in CSSCI journals, e.g. Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Modern Foreign Language. He has presided over multiple projects, including the National Social Science Fund of China and the Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Foundation of Ministry of Education.

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School of Foreign Languages
Oct. 28, 2021