My Opinions on the Standardization of Japanese Linguistic Terms

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Letcure Time:PM. 13:30—15:00 Sep 29(Wen), 2021
Location:Tencent Conference app, ID No. 244 656 628
Lecture Topic:My Opinions on the Standardization of Japanese Linguistic Terms
Lecturer:Peng Guanglu, Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology

Brief introduction of lecture content
My Opinions on the Standardization of Japanese Linguistic Terms

Terminology is a collection of appellations used to express concepts in a specific subject area, and is also called "nouns" or "technical terms" in our country. The problem of terminology standardization in Japanese studies is an important issue that has existed for a long time but needs to be solved urgently. The problem of terminology standardization actually includes two aspects: one is how to use standardized terms, and the other is how to standardize related terms in Japanese research. The former is directly related to the author's academic level and normative awareness, and the latter is not only related to the overall level of research and normative awareness of the academic circles, but also related to the efforts made by the industry and academia for this purpose. This lecture will discuss some issues related to this and put forward my own opinions.

Introduction of Professor Peng Guanglu
Peng Guanglu, Professor of School of Foreign Languages, Beijing Institute of Technology, Part-time professor of Jilin University, Jiangsu University, Southwest University, and Soochow University, editor-in-chief of "Japanese Studies" (Commercial Press). He presided over and participated in a number of national social science funds and scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial level. Winner of the first prize of the 7th Liberal Arts Outstanding Research Achievement Paper of Peking University (2000). Winner of the second prize of the 3rd Sun Pinghua Japanese Studies Academic Award Fund Paper (2002). Winner of  the first Prize of Peking University Textbook (2004, 2008). Winner of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement (Higher Education) Second Prize and other awards(2004). He has published dozens of books, translations, textbooks, and more than 180 papers.

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Sep 10, 2021