Research on "Repetition" between China and Japan

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Letcure Time:AM. 09:00—10:00 Sep 18(Saturday), 2021
Location:Tencent Conference app, ID No. 458 221 165
Lecture Topic:Research on "Repetition" between China and Japan
Lecturer:Peng Guanglu, Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology

Brief introduction of lecture content
Research on "Repetition" between China and Japan
In any language, a linguistic phenomenon called "repetition" will be observed. The definition of "repetition" differs depending on the researcher, but if it is broadly understood, it can be defined as follows. The use of linguistic units of the same or similar syllables or higher in the same discourse / text one after another is called "repetition".

Introduction of Professor Peng Guanglu
Peng Guanglu, Professor of School of Foreign Languages, Beijing Institute of Technology, Part-time professor of Jilin University, Jiangsu University, Southwest University, and Soochow University, editor-in-chief of "Japanese Studies" (Commercial Press). He presided over and participated in a number of national social science funds and scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial level. Winner of the first prize of the 7th Liberal Arts Outstanding Research Achievement Paper of Peking University (2000). Winner of the second prize of the 3rd Sun Pinghua Japanese Studies Academic Award Fund Paper (2002). Winner of  the first Prize of Peking University Textbook (2004, 2008). Winner of Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement (Higher Education) Second Prize and other awards(2004). He has published dozens of books, translations, textbooks, and more than 180 papers.

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Sep 10, 2021