Semiconductive Polymers for Opto-Electronic Interconversion: Progress and Perspective

Title:Semiconductive Polymers for Opto-Electronic Interconversion: Progress and Perspective

Speaker:Prof. Show-An Chen(National Tsing Hua University)


Time:9:00 am, Oct 22, 2019

Location:911-401, Dushu Lake Campus



Dr. Chen received BS degree from National Cheng-Kung Univ., Chem. Eng. Dept. in 1962 and PhD degree in Chem. Eng. from Washington Univ. in 1969. He has engaged in polymer science research for 50 years. He focuses on semiconductive polymers in recent 37 years and on polymer blend and processing as well as polymerization reaction engineering in early 13 years. Currently, he is the Lifetime Honorary National Chair Professor in the Chemical Engineering Dept., National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). Previously, he has worked in UniRoyal Inc. (1969-1970) and W. R. Grace Co. (1970-1973) on polymer blends and processing; and after returning to Taiwan in 1973, worked in NTHU as Associate Professor (1973-1974), Professor (1974-date), Chairman (1979-1982), and Director of the Frontier Research Center on Fundamental and Applied Sciences of Matters (2011-2017). Dr. Chen has published 332 research articles with H-index 63 and citation number more than 14,000, and been granted 41 patents (in Taiwan, US, Japan, Germany). The selective honors that he has been granted are Member of Asian-Pacific Academy of Advanced Materials (1998), Science and Technology Award by Executive Yuan of ROC (2003), Life-time National Chair (since 2005), Chairman of the Polymer Society (Taipei) 2002-2004 and 2010-2012, Chairman of IUPAC Macro Congress on 2008, Doctor Honoris Causa of Russian Academy of Sciences 2016, and Member of EU Academy of Sciences 2017.