Physics of Open Systems

报告题目:Physics of Open Systems

报告人:Wei-Min ZhangDepartment of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan




In this series of lectures, I will introduce a general theory of open systems that we developed in the last 10 years. The fundamental physics of open quantum systems, including topics of nonequilibrium dynamics, non-Markovianity memory phenomena, entanglement decoherence and decoherence of topological states, quantum thermalization, quantum phase transition, and quantum transport in mesoscopic physics are explored.  Applications to various open systems are also presented. 

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张为民教授,1982年毕业于苏州大学物理系,1989年博士毕业于美国德雷克塞尔大学,先后在华盛顿大学、俄亥俄州立大学、台湾中央研究院、国立清华大学等地从事科研,目前是台湾成功大学特聘教授。张教授是量子开放系统的研究专家,发表SCI 论文百多篇。 因子32SCI引用超过4500 次,其中论文《Coherent states: theory and some applications》在1990年一作发表于《Review Modern Physics》杂志, 被引超过1385次。

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