The 10th anniversary celebration of the Confucius Institute’s founding by Soochow University and Portland State University

The 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of Confucius Institute of Portland State University took place in Portland, Oregon State on 10th October. As Chinese collaborating university, Soochow University sent out a delegation to share this joyful moment. President Xiong Sidong on behalf of Soochow University sent our best wishes to all the teachers and students in Portland Confucius Institute through video phone call.

The celebration began at 10 a.m., which was composed of various parts includingart exhibition, cultural experience, expert lectures and dancing party. The multidimensional celebration demonstrated the rich and colourful Chinese culture, as well as the teaching mission and achievements of Confucius Institute. Delegates from both the U.S. and China attended the activity. They are Luo Linquan – Chinese Consul General in San Francisco, Dennis Richardson – secretary of state of Oregon, Lu Huixing, Rahmat Shoureshi and Margaret Everett – members of the council of Confucius Institute, Wang Jian and Zhang Jian – foreign and Chinese deans of Confucius Institute, etc.

With the theme of "Thanks for cooperation, Dreams of future", Confucius Institute at PSU organised a series of events for its 10th anniversary in both the U.S. and China in late 2016. In the end of last December, a delegation from PSU School of Theatre visited Soochow University with a performance of opera, marking the beginning of the celebration. In October this year, Soochow University School of Music made a return visit to the Portland State University and held a collaborative concert themed "East Meets West" as a warm-up for the celebrations.

At the banquet on the 10th October, Luo Linquan, Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, Dennis Richardson, the Secretary of Oregon State, Vice President Margaret Everett, Deputy Director Lu Huixing and Professor Liu Yuening delivered speeches respectively. The congratulations from the headquarter of Confucius Institute were conveyed at the banquet. The delegates spoke highly of the achievements in the last decade, and expressed their expectations for its property in the future.

After the banquet, a celebration party was held at the Lincoln Hall of Portland State University, including dance, singing, instruments playing, reciting, martial arts, etc, which shows students' learning outcomes and the charm of Chinese culture. The students from the two universities sang two songs together. Professor Liu Yuehua was invited to perform as well. The performance turned out to be a success.

The Confucius Institute of Portland State University, co-founded by the two universities in 2007, has gone through many ups and downs and developed rapidly over the past ten years. It spreads Chinese culture, promotes language teaching and furthers the Sino-US communications, and is committed to growing into one of the biggest Confucius Institutes in America after being entitled into the Best Confucius Institute all around the world.

Soochow University has always been focusing on the development of the Confucius Institute, an important part of the internationalization of the university. For a decade, four Chinese deans from Soochow University have been appointed at the Confucius Institute in America and cooperated with the American counterparts to actively participate in the management of the institute. In addition, Soochow University selects excellent teachers to teach in CIPUS and its subsidiary colleges. This makes a great contribution not only to building a cross-cultural bridge between China and America and but also to the promotion of China and Chinese culture. Furthermore, by virtue of Confucius Institute, teenagers from both countries regularly interact with each other and forge a profound friendship.

Over the past decade, the Dong Wu Art Troupe of Soochow University went to Portland twice to participate in cultural and artistic exchange activities, showing the charm of Chinese traditional culture and the mien of contemporary Chinese college students to American friends through drama, dance, martial arts, music and other forms. Last winter, the Opera Troupe of Portland State University contributed two wonderful musical performances in Suzhou University, which involved the young audience in the charm of western stage art.

During this October, ten students in the School of Music at Soochow University were invited to visit Portland and held a cooperative concert with those in Portland State University. In turn, nearly a hundred students from middle school to high school in Confucius Institute of Portland State University visited Soochow University with cultural visits and short-term Chinese training, interactively exchanging their ideas with local students.The series of events enhanced the friendship and cultural identity between the Chinese and the American youth, imposing a positive effect on the international promotion of China's stature.

We believe that with joints efforts the Confucius Institute of Portland State University will see a more brilliant future.